Body grooming requires us to have a once in a while haircut. For most of us, this means a regular appointment with the barber. A hair clipper is one device that one uses for body grooming. Features include toothed blades that have a scissor like effect of moving forth and backwards.

Features of a Good Hair Clipper

1) Performance Features

A hair clipper should be easy to use according to It should be easy to assemble and disable. It should be light enough to hold by yourself in case you need to self-hair clip.

2) Accessories

A good hair clipper for body grooming should allow you to choose how long your hair should be clipped. They should provide features that allow you cut the hair behind both ears. A blending tool should be there to groom the hair to an even look. Using hair clippers for body grooming also requires you to wash the machines regularly. The products should with cleaning oil to lubricate the blades. A brush is a vital tool too as you need it to clean the hair clipper.

3) Design

Hair clippers for body grooming are corded or cordless. Cordless clippers can run about one hour to a hundred minutes after recharging. Cordless hair clippers are ideal if you want to do self-clipping. Corded hair clippers have the best power as you don’t have to recharge before hair clipping or after.

4) Customer Support

A good hair clipper should have a warranty. Average warranty is usually one year although some manufacturers offer up to five years. You don’t want to buy a hair clipper that malfunctions after a few uses. We tested the support for this trimmer and it was very good.


Using hair clippers for body grooming should be an easy task if you practice well.Most companies that make hair clippers offer a variety of hair clippers that include corded or cordless hair clippers. With the above guidelines you will find a hair clipper that suits your needs.

It is about time, you need a dedicated timer for your dedicated training … Now more than ever, it’s highly proven that time-work periods and rest/recovery periods boast much better results. For this reason, you need a sport watch with programmable interval timers. With such a feature, you’ll be able to time multiple or single intervals and repeating the intervals as many times as possible.

Whether you are a five or fifteen-minute miler, the utmost desire to increase pace resides in every runner’s DNA. Nevertheless, which is the best way to gradually add some pace in your locker? GPS sport watches such as the Polar M400 or Garmin Forerunner 630 and this article “Best Watch Brands for Men” are perfectly designed to provide guidance through HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions. Whether you are a pro or beginner level runner, it is highly important to pick the best sport watches with an interval timer to train with.

Best Sport Watches With Interval Timer

TomTom Spark

A great attribute about this watch is the fact that you can set up interval sessions on your watch. Users can opt for Run, Training, and Intervals from the watch’s menu. Add a cool down or warm up based on your distance or time. You can follow this by periods of rest and work based on distance or time. The last option you can choose are the times you repeat intervals in your session.

Polar V800

This watch brings with it completely customizable interval training smarts. You will need to set up your account online. After doing that, you’ll access the training calendar as well as tools necessary to set up your personal interval sessions.

With the watch, you can easily create and save different phases based on distance and time. Set heart rate zones or opt for free workout depending on your desires or what you exactly want to achieve. The watch has easy to duplicate phases. It goes miles in helping you build quick sessions. Lastly, you can modify and copy sessions in order to fasten the process of preparing your monthly plans.

Interval trainings are vital components of a training program. Interval training teaches the body to perfectly work at higher thresholds. It enables you to run much faster without reducing your speeds. The above are some of the best sport watches with interval timer to help you with interval trainings.

I had to sell my engagement ring… and it was a huge mistake. You see, you have to understand my situation and the reason behind why I did I thought I needed to sell it. Here’s my story.

So, this is where it all started. My name is Joanna and I got engaged 8 months ago. My fiance’ and I were so “in love” and decided that we should take the next step and get married. Of course, we thought we would be together forever but, things don’t always turn out as planned.

He proposed on a Friday night at my parents house and it was amazing and very thoughtful. My family is very important to me and I was so excited he proposed in front of them. Of course, we went through the motions like; having an engagement party, calling extended family and friends, you know, the important stuff.

Since it was about a month from our wedding we decided to have our bachelor and bachelorette party far in advance. He went with the men too Florida and us women, went to Tennessee. Well, about 14 hours into my 3 day bachelorette party, I got a phone call from his best man, telling me that my future husband Nick, and the other men wouldn’t be able to get back for a few extra days. Of course, I was trying to be understanding until he wouldn’t let me talk to Nick. He made every excuse in the world for me to not talk to him. I asked why and where was he and he just told me there was a problem and it wouldn’t be but a few more days. He hung up in a hurry.

Well, I told the girls what was going on and they told me they were pretty sure there was a good explanation for all of it and to not stress so much. So, we finished our trip and headed home. The whole way home, I probably called my future husband, a hundred times, left 20 messages, and texted him every 30 minutes. Let’s just say, I had no battery left.

I left the girls and told them thanks, and we all went to our homes. I put my dead phone on the charger. The second it came on, my voicemail alert dinged. I checked my voicemail and it was my fiance’. He sounded rushed and told me he was sorry and that we needed to talk.

Well, it had been a week since the last time we saw each other and since he had not called or answered my phone calls, I was angry and hurt. So, I decided that he was going to tell me it was over so, I did what any other hurt person would do, I sold my engagement ring and cancelled my wedding which by this time was only 2 and a half weeks away.

The day after I sold my ring and cancelled my plans, and left a very interesting voicemail on his phone, he decides to show up. But the bad thing was, when he walked up, he was in a cast all the way up to his hip and on crutches. I felt horrible and confused, all at the same time. I asked him, ” What happened and why didn’t you call?” He said, ” I had Henry (the best man) call you, but I didn’t want him to tell you what had happened because I didn’t want to ruin your trip. I was water skiing and hit a wave the wrong way and ended up breaking my leg in two places. And I am so sorry, honey. I just didn’t want you to worry.”

At that moment, I felt sick to my stomach. I immediately began to cry because I had put it in my own head that he was going to end it or that he met someone else. I told him everything that I had been feeling and that I had cancelled the wedding and I also, sold my engagement ring due to my paranoia. I told him I was sorry and that if anything like this ever happened again and he didn’t tell me, no matter what, I would kill him. We called the guy I sold the ring to and I tried to get the money back but, he had already proposed to his girlfriend. So, We ended buying a very cheap band and using that in our wedding. I am here to tell you, if you are ever in my shoes , get the facts before you act.